Prayer Requests

Due to the passing of the Reverend Father Archimandrite Seraphim, his prayer request page is no longer available. For those that knew him, however; we are assured that his repose will have no power to stop his prayers.

The barrier between living and dead has been eliminated due to the Resurrection of Christ. Those who are departed are just as much with us and just as much a part of the Church as those who we see living on this earth. There is no longer any separation. And so not only do we pray for them, but they also pray for us; in the same way that you might ask your friends to pray for you and in turn pray for them so also do we pray for each other without concern for the separation of death.

When we pray for either the living or the dead we use the same prayer: “Lord have mercy”, to express our desires. We do not know what to pray for even for those with whom we live because only God knows what is best for our salvation, and so we say “Lord have mercy”. Likewise we do not know the needs and concerns of the departed, but God does and trusting in His knowledge we say, “Lord have mercy”

We do know that, like all of us, those who have departed require forgiveness of sins, and that they look for a “place of rest” in the bosom of Christ and so we make this petition, that God will provide these things, but again as for specifics about how this should happen we simply conclude with “Lord have mercy”.