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It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of the Reverend Father Archimandrite Seraphim Graham Turland. He entered into repose on the evening of December 25th, or early morning of December 26th, 2016. Seraphim was a kind soul, and a man of great consideration for all of creation. A man who would do anything for anyone and not think twice. His final funerary liturgy was held Tuesday (12/27) at Saint John’s Orthodox Church, 20043 Highway 36, Covington, LA. Services were at 11:00 AM, burial took place at 2:00 PM at Memorial Gardens Cemetery located at 2618 MS 43, Picayune, MS. May his memory be eternal!

A blog post has been written HERE which contains his final photos, as well as his Funeral Liturgy service booklet. The service booklet is also available in PDF format for those that would like, HERE.

To those who knew my father Seraphim Graham Turland, he passed away sometime last night. He’d been suffering with cancer for several months and was in a lot of pain; it’s likely that he died in his sleep and did not suffer in his final hours. He was able to get his affairs in order and designate a family friend as the executor of his estate before his passing. I know he requested funeral services and that he be buried in his vestments, but no arrangements have been made yet. I will post more information as I receive it. My condolences go out to all who mourn him. Thank you for being part of his life in his last years.

Matthew Turland

I wanted to say something during the final moments we were with him, but the sleep deprivation coupled with the overwhelming emotion and tears prevented me from doing so. So, at the very least, I wanted to say it here. Firstly, thank you everyone who attended the proceedings and thank you to those that could not physically attend but were there in spirit. My father wasn’t a perfect man…none of us are perfect people. He was stubborn, sometimes argumentative, occasionally a grouch…but those things pale in comparison to how much joy he brought into people’s lives. He lived a very colorful life. Some things that we were so proud of, and other things he was so ashamed of that we will never know as he took with him with his passing. We are all like that, we have our proud moments and our shameful ones. But that goes back to the very moving sermon given by the Bishop during Divine Liturgy. He spoke about aspiring to be more like Him. That is indeed quite the impossible task, but…He knows that. All that He asks, is that you try. That is something my father did in spades. He reached out to many people, helped them with anything that they asked. Whether it be assembling a deck, making Orthodox icons or rosaries, or just transporting someone to a destination. He was there for people he cared for most. Sometimes he didn’t know how to express it, but if you knew him, you knew he always meant well in anything that he did. The joy that he had, wasn’t just joy that he enjoyed on his own, but joy that he shared with everyone around him. If there was a problem, he would mull it over in his head until he had a solution to it, and would also help you fix it…no exceptions. He wouldn’t give up, he was bound and determined to take care of it. And he didn’t give up on being here in this world with us, until he couldn’t go any longer. I thank everyone who surrounded my father, and shared in that very joy that he embraced wholeheartedly. Please pray for him, and cherish every memory that you have of him. Thank you so much for all the support everyone has given to the Turland family, and thank you for allowing my dad to take part in your lives. I hope that he touched you as much as he touched us. God Bless.

Josh Turland

His dog Lucky, is with Laurie (Jim’s daughter I believe) and is doing well.

His Facebook profile has been established by his son Matthew, as a memorial and may be veiwed HERE.