Garden Progress

Last week in extremely hot temperatures I removed the black plastic and stored it as it had done it’s job and killed the grass. I then took the Skete’s newly acquired rear tine tiller and made two complete passes in the garden. Once I got the depth setting correct, I was most impressed with the job it did, and the ease with which it did it compared to the old front tine tiller I used many years ago. Now I will let it sit for a couple of weeks and hope for a good balance of rain and sun so the dry grass will start to decompose and work in on the next series of passes with the tiller. Once that happens I will make my rows. I am starting with three 25′ rows 18″ wide with 3′ between them (lessons learned from earlier gardens). After that I will see what I can grow and how much maintenance it requires. Then I will decide if I should add more rows the next time